dmb - deutsche mittelstand beteiligungen

Investment Focus

DMB invests in profitable “Mittelstand” companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It is our goal to generate value within each of our portfolio companies individually by building upon its strengths and fostering profitable, sustainable growth. As an entrepreneurial owner, we co-operate closely with the company’ management teams and hold great respect for its culture and values. Our dealing with business partners is characterised by trust, respect as well as clear and direct communication.

Being a captive investor (with no restrictions from fund statutes), DMB benefits from ample flexibility in regard to both its investment and holding periods. It is this flexibility, which allows DMB to be a reliable investor and long-sighted partner to each investee company.

DMB does not take an active role in day-to-day management of its portfolio companies, which are run independently by incumbent managers. As majority owner, however, DMB is involved in all decisions with material value impact or strategic dimension. DMB’s overriding goal is to generate long-term, sustainable value in its investee companies, for example by:
  • strengthening the company’s strategic position and sharpening its profile,
  • supporting superior organic as well as external growth initiatives, and
  • optimising operating efficiency and improving profitability by applying best demonstrated practices.

The key managers of our portfolio companies regularly co-invest along with us in the company’s equity. This provides the management with an opportunity to generate personal wealth and also ensures an appropriate alignment of interest between company management and DMB.